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A Favorite That Can't Compare.

I have been thinking for a while what my next blog will be, and I realized that I never spoke about my most favorite game series of all time. Now if you have seen my little picture many people should know who that is. If you are unfamilia...


A Truly Scary Open World

See that, up there, that world we like to cool Capital Wasteland? That scares me, it truly scares. Because of giant scorpions? Nah. Maybe it's because of those raiders? Nah. Or maybe it's because are giant baddass super mutant behemoth...


PC to Console: Confessions of a trophy-whore

I have been a PC gamer ever since my grandfather showed me a chess game where the characters truly attacked each other, Battle Chess. PCs have been a big part of my life as for now I want to be an IT tech but I am not talking about my futu...


About dapoisoned1one of us since 4:30 PM on 10.27.2009

I was originally from South Africa born and raised on the playgrounds where I spent most of my days, being shot and robbed was a common occurence so my mommy said you are moving with us to Arizona...

Yeah I can't rhyme but just accept it.

I am the playstation fanboy but that doesn't mean I hate the X-box, I support all my friends who get it and sometimes they say that want a Ps3 but I convince them to keep their x-box since they have used a lot of money on it don't want them to spend more. But if they decide on it woo new buddy on the Ps Triple.

I love Half-Life, I live, bleed and mate with it. It's just great.

I am a trophy whore I love my trophies and will try and earn them every second. I currently have 11 platinums and I'm shooting for more.

Online I'm playing Uncharted, and Demon's Souls.
Wanting to get Borderlands, Batman, and Infamous.

Hit me up if you like, I am also a huge movie whore.