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iPad DisAPPointments

So we've been waiting for the official announcement on the iPad for a long time, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who was pretty miffed with the reveal. There are a number of ways the iPad could and should have improved on the original des...


Alyx Vance: How I was tricked into liking her

Itís widely agreed that Alyx Vance is one of, if not the best AI partner in video game history. She doesnít have a handful of catchphrases she randomly spouts, you donít need to protect her like a baby(except in that one bit where you do), ...


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I'm Dan and I live in Andover in the UK. I own all three next gen consoles but it took lots of signing on to earn them and now I need to get a good computer. I generally only play single player games or offline multiplayer if I can trick a friend to come over to play one with me, but I do have a soft spot for the left 4 dead games. Also if anyone wants to try out the co op N+ add me on XBOX. My email is [email protected], but I almost definitely won't accept a friend request because I'll be scared you're another Turkish paedophile. Seriously though, I've been added by about fifteen Turkish paedophiles, and if you're one of them.. -.-