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FREE Castle Crashers King Packs!

Hello! We have always wanted our King Pack for Castle Crashers to be FREE. And itís not!! SO, in order to achieve this we went ahead and bought a ton of download codes from Microsoft for our King Pack to give to you. Yes! DEVBLOG POST WI...


castle crashers cyclops creation cinema

here is some footage from the creation of the 2nd appearance of the cyclops boss in castle crashers. this contains spoilers! here it is please click it to see the drawings here he is in action, in the game: youtube video please enjoy a...


crashers give-aways!

so we have these deals going on right now where you can win a copy of our game, shirts, or figurines! we are cool like that. all you have to do for the latest one on xbox360fanboy is talk about how you hate or love babies. or you can go ...


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