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Gaming and Over Hyping: A Diablo III Interpretation

So Diablo III has been getting a lot of hype recently, obviously about the expansion. Now the purpose of this blog isn't whether Diablo III is very bad or just bad. Though it is instead on over hyping and the negative effects that this has on gamers, yes that means you. 

I guess I will start with an anecdote. Now there was once a time when I was a younger and more ignorant kid and I would over hype myself on almost every game, though the game that turned me over the edge was Red Dead Redemption. My friend and I were ridiculously excited for Red Dead, we would talk about it all the time in the classes we had together. Talk about the adventures we would have and all the features of the game. Before the game had even come out we knew almost everything about the game and things that we had even made up or read online that wasn't true. Then when the game was eventually released, I just thought Red Dead was 'meh'. Now this seems ridiculous, and I don't believe this is something that is true of everyone, or even many people. 

My greatest disappointment, and I only have myself to blame.

Though what I do believe is true is that some people are watching gameplay and trailers of games that are yet to come out, for no reason. They read about it and the news surrounding the games development and even plot. If I go to the Watch Dogs E3 trailer I see that it has over 3,000,000 views. Now not all these people that watched the video are over hyping themselves and some might be just curious about the game. Though I'm guessing a lot of those people that watch the video are going to buy Watch Dogs anyway and are watching the gameplay for no reason. So why do they do it? I don't know why, but the results of it can end up in not enjoying that game you were so excited about.

"So real", super-stylized Watch Dogs.

When you over hype yourself there are four possible outcomes (I put it into an easy to read table). So when you don't over hype yourself and a game is good then this is the best outcome, you played a good game that "took you by storm" and was a positive experience. When you play a bad game that you didn't over hype yourself all you did was waste your money, this is not ideal but not the worst either. However when you over hype yourself and the game is good the experience turns out to be OK, like what I experienced with Red Dead Redemption. And when you over hype yourself and the game is bad, this is when it gets ugly, you waste your money and you feel cheated. This is the case with Diablo III and quite recently, ROME II.

Super scientific table, need I say more?

So this is where the problems arise, now a lot of people get quite angry when I 'defend' Diablo III. Don't get me wrong D3 wasn't a very good game, although I don't think it is the worst game. I didn't come into D3 with high expectations, I knew it was made by new developers and I was weary of this. I didn't watch any gameplay footage and didn't read any news about it, all I knew is that I was going to play a Barbarian. Now so when D3 came out and it was't great, I was pretty neutral in the whole thing. I spent 300 or so hours playing D3 so I definitely got my moneys worth and that was 'OK'. Now that Reaper of Souls is coming out and I feel the same as when D3 was coming out, I'll get it but I don't really care. So when it comes out, and if it's good I will probably have a good time, and if it's not good then whatever, it really doesn't matter. Unfortunately for all the people that over hyped D3 they won't get the expansion and if they do they will hate it without judging it objectively.

The game most people will hate, for no reason but themselves.

First impressions stick, this has been found in research time and time again. And when the first impressions you receive are hand picked from the publishers who want your money they are going to do everything they can to get you to buy it, and after that they don't really care. This is where trailers come in, now everyone knows cinematic trailers don't mean much but people seem to think gameplay trailers are the actual game. Remember that Final Fantasy XIII 'gameplay' trailer that was nothing like the actual game? This makes peoples expectations so high and when they get the game and it's nothing like that they feel cheated and rage about it on forums. 

Looks exactly like the game, right?

So I suppose the point of this whole thing was to try and help you to help yourself. Don't watch trailers, don't read about the story or setting, don't read about gameplay and skills and don't looks at the 'in-game graphics'. It doesn't help you at all, all it results in is you getting hyped over something you don't really know anything about except biased trailers, you see what the publishers want you to see. If you want real opinions on games wait and listen to someone you trusts opinion once they have played it (and read Destructoid reviews obviously). Don't fall for marketing tricks because all that results is disappointment.

Recent example of 'gameplay' that is nothing like the game.

If you read this far thank you :D Please leave your comments and feedback as I may write more blogs like this one in the future.

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