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Tom Nook is not a loan shark

Earlier this week, I purchased my first ever Shim Megami Tensei game. Concurrent with that purchase, and my previous purchase of the latest Fire Emblem, was a $30 credit in the Nintendo eShop. Eager to continue pioneering my way into the fr...


Building a PC 3: Flesh and Blood

With the reveal of the next Xbox and a variety of not-so-friendly "features", I've got it into my head that more and more people will be interested in moving their gaming to a PC. This is part 3 in a series that aims to give the neophyte al...


The Basics of Building a PC

Update (May 23, 2013): News about GTX 780 dropping today adds an attractive new option for graphics cards. Info about graphics card benchmarks also added. With the reveal of the next Xbox and a variety of not-so-friendly "features", I've g...


Princess Zelda is a Total Badass

In the stealth game--your "Thief", your "Mark of the Ninja", your "Deus Ex: Human Revolution"--the ultimate challenge comes in the form of ghosting. As the name implies, the challenge to the player is to successfully accomplish the goals of...


Objectification ≠ Fantasizing

I haven't been around for various reasons, but when I saunter in once more, there's a familiar refrain droning on very much in the foreground. Something needs to be cleared up. It has become clear to me that there's a fundamental misunders...


Sexism: Et tu, Japan?

Recently, there has been quite the falderal over the adorably juvenile and relentlessly Japanese game Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus. Many people have been making a fuss about the game being indicative of endemic sexism in Japan undermining ...


Games for adults

I've been unable to pursue my favorite hobbies in any capacity for about a week now. Procrastination has a way of causing work to amalgamate into a Final Fantasy style demon wall. It's a habit that respnsibility has not robbed me of, but it...


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