DeS: Dota 2's challenge tokens are frustrating loyal players

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The Profound Potential of Videogames

So not long ago I saw an ad on for a freelance writer. Whoop! Dream job. All they were asking for was a short CV and a 1000 word writing sample. I whipped it up the same night. They never got back to me. Assholes. I couldn't ...


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Hello all. I humbly welcome you to my blog and such.

I have a one-track mind... when it comes to strategy. I cannot fathom a game that does not scratch my strategic itch. I prefer to out-smart rather than to out-twitch. It is in my nature.

My games that influenced me the most:

PES in preference to FIFA
Europa Barbarorum Mod in preference to vanilla RTW
MAG in preference to COD

I sometimes get the writing bug and can bash out 1000 words in one sitting.
Or I can be bone dry for weeks.
I just need a topic to pine and ponder about.

Oh and of the topical details

24 year old male
Wastes far too much time and money gaming
Lives in Melbourne, Australia
Doesn't like to be called 'down under'
But I will go down on your sister