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dTunes: nekobun's Week, Day 3

For day three, I feel like nerding out a little, and sharing some of the Japanese music I'm into. My yellow fever's definitely receeded over the years, and I can't remember the last time I actively bothered to read any manga or follow an ...


dTunes: nekobun's Week, Day 2

For my second day, I figured I'd try and get into the holiday spirit with some alt-Crimbo jams. Stuff like this is what helps me survive the barrage of the same old Christmas shlock unleashed upon the masses every year. This one's a bit h...


dTunes: nekobun's Week, Day 1

Fresh week, and dTunes returns again, with me, nekobun, at the helm. Since I found out I was doing this week at the last minute, we'll just jump right in now and I'll get chatty later. I will acknowledge right up front that my tastes are ...


dTunes: Everyday Legend's Week, Day 5

I apologize in advance, as I am a retail employee in these United States of America, and today, I will find no such shelter or respite to finish this before about 9pm. However, here is a small sampling of what tunes you can expect, and I w...


dTunes: Everyday Legend's Week, Day 3

"Bad artists copy. Great artists steal." - Pablo Picasso That adage goes double for music. In my eyes (ears?), any artist or band who seeks to remake a previous work of another artist/band should do two things: 1.) Take a preexisting tune...


dTunes: Everyday Legend's Week, Day 2

I was raised on a lot of different tastes and styles of music. In fact, my dad still prefers classic 70's rock and old country tunes, while my mom drives around in a giant Yukon with a bass tube in the back and jams out to Tupac's All Eyez...


dTunes: Shin Oni's week, Day 5

Last day. Since trying to get favorites for a lot of games is rather....huge, and not to make the post ridonculiously long, i'm just gonna stick with music from fighting games I enjoy (minus Shinobi.) I enjoyed being unlazy and actually b...


dTunes: Shin Oni's week, Day 4

continuing on from yesterday's Japanese music, we'll just blend it in with Anime openings. Brilliant Green This group apparently is pretty popular in Japan and i've only caught wind due to their Gundam 00 opening. I keep forgetting to ch...


dTunes: Shin Oni's week, Day 3

Today is might be small as I had a good amount of music planned from but finding out just about anything that isn't Kotoko/Mell/Mami Kawada/Eiko Shikamiya aren't on youtube (and I personally don't have the time right now to upload all my...


dTunes: Shin Oni's week, Day 2

I said Rock/Techno but I personally don't know jack about rock. I'm sure I meant pop/rock/techno. anyway... Black Kids I stumbled across them during my random watching of The N when it was worth watching. I don't regret stumbling across ...


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About dTunes:
dTunes originally started as a blog in which I would showcase a new band every week. Soon, I moved on to themes. Every video was meant to be suggested by the community, the themes too. Unfortunately, my own personal tastes kept getting in the way. This time I intend to pick a community member from the Google Group that I made (send me your email if you want in) and let them post their favorite music for a week. By getting rid of the middle man (me) I intend on bringing to life my initial image of dTunes, a place where the community can enrich itself and create a better understanding on the individual members of the community by exploring their personal tastes.

Basically, I want to put the unity in community.