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Got Alan Wake Remastered and finished my second playthrough last night. IMO this game is still a masterclass in horror design and storytelling and a bonafide classic. Had an absolute blast replaying it. If you never have, def check it out!


Remembering today, for no particular reason at all, how Activision (of all companies) rebuilt all the assets in the Crash trilogy from the ground up and only charged $40 for it. Anyway, did anything of note get announced this morning?


I remain vindicated in my view that this game never should have launched in 2020 for any platform unless it came via Early Access. Once covid hit they shoulda dropped an indefinite delay and realigned their production and release schedule. What a mess.


Downvotes, even hidden, were a good way to move misogynistic, jingoistic & sinophobic replies further down in the discourse. Unfortunately, such comments are still a semi-regular occurrence on the FP. Hopefully this change comes w/ better moderation?


I literally cackle laughed at my phone when I saw this. Forget Game Pass for a minute -- PS Plus is just $10 more and it has multiple times the value. This is what fans get for gleefully letting Nintendo nickel and dime them for years lmfao


Per Famitsu (link below), XS is on course to outsell the X1 lifetime in Japan by end of year. Not huge numbers, but interesting to see Series S being the trojan horse for this (relative) growth. Wonder if it's similar in other regions?


Ya know, even w/ Rockstar delisting the originals, and DMCAing + suing modders and mod sites, and treating their employees like shit, and making only 2 games in a decade, I *still* woulda caved and bought this shit... but not for $70 lol


Yeaaa you can fuck all the way off with this jingoistic bullshit. Don't ever tell me that video games aren't "political" -- they are, and their politics almost always suck. This is true of everything that comes out of Ubisoft.


Me, on my off day: "I'm going to sleep in, then cave and buy the Alan Wake Remaster. I think that will be fun." The universe:


Excellent example of how *not* to react to the Twitch leak. You could be criticizing how much Twitch/Amazon execs make, or how little publishers pay their employees, but instead you decide to punch down on streamers, most of whom make nothing? Yikes.


Super conflicted by this. Like Arkham, Bioshock, and Mass Effect before it, Alan Wake's the latest 360/PS3 era game to switch engines and damage the art style in the process. I wanna support this so we get a sequel but... this ain't what I hoped for


So who else understood that Roblox was incredibly popular, but didn't have the slightest fucking clue just how big it actually was? Cause today was the day I realized this 0%20


Back 4 Blood pre-load is live 👀 officially getting hype now. I know not everyone loved the beta (the core gunplay needed work) but I thought the framework was a great evolution on the L4D formula


Well... okay I guess I'll try it then?


Well, actually


I know some people are upset about the "Expansion Pack" needed to play N64 games on Switch. And I get it. But I would like to personally thank Nintendo for this decision -- now I'll feel zero guilt about running this on my Steam Deck!


After watching the Noclip doc on Prey I caved and finally tried Mooncrash. While I think I could suffer through permadeath and procedural generation, the forced time limit is terrible. Just ruined an excellent imsim framework. Idk how ppl enjoy this stuff


Still waiting on independent confirmation, but if true this would be huge for game preservation on PS4. Kudos to Sony if they've finally done this. MS needs to follow suit and kill the similar issue of initial online console activations


Noclip did a full hour doc on the making a Prey, I'm gonna cry y'all 😭 (Edit: massive spoilers, obv)


PSA: Nabisco works its employees to literal death and then expects their factories to continue on uninterrupted. The strike still continues, and we don't cross picket lines -- even for Pokemon


This is so bittersweet to me. Arkane is brilliant and I want them to be great, but it breaks my heart that I get nothing out of these style of games 😔 hoping the Austin team does something cool with Redfall, at least!


Christmas (or whatever you may celebrate) came early this year, folks. Cheers 🍻


Ragnarok looked fantastic, tho no date makes me think it's Q4. CGI Wolverine trailer prob means 2024 best case scenario, but god damn am I hype for that. The lack of Kotor footage killed me but... well... I know what the game is lol. Fine showing overall


Sony has apparently acquired Firesprite, the studio created by former Studio Liverpool devs (fka Psygnosis, best known for Wipeout). They've primarily worked on AR and VR games for Sony since their formation in 2012 following Liverpool's closure


I'm apparently a year late to discovering this, but as somebody who put 100s of hrs into these games I'm legit crying over here watching this so I needed to share lmfao


Reaping/sowing etc


You can separate the art from the artist, but you can't separate your money from the companies and executives you choose to give it to. Do with this information what you will


Lmfao I can't. I really fucking can't with this shit.


Digital Foundry weighed in on the PS5 cooling revision situation. Doesn't seem like there's anything worth worrying about here. Link to the full article below


The campaign is just over 3 months out but isn't in a state to be shown publicly? That is the precipice of going gold and it isn't finished enough to just sit down and record 15min of existing gameplay. Idc about the PR spin, that is *deeply* concerning


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