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I am very much fucking here for this


Ah, so this Zelda-esque Pokemon Snap spinoff is also a stealth game? Very cool! Wish I woulda got on to BG&E sooner but I'm definitely enjoying this strange game. I have a (spoilery) question in the replies for those who've played it


Lot to unpack here but: Series X patched to match PS5's 60FPS performance, both versions get a locked 4K30 mode, and Series S gets a 60FPS mode. This mess w/ Valhalla reinforces my view this console launch was rushed but I'm glad they fixed it at least


Okay how come nobody told me that Beyond Good & Evil was low key a Pokemon Snap spiritual successor?!?


As an update to a post I made weeks back (and some helpful feedback y'all gave me) I helped my buddy pick out a new TV . He's going from a base XB1 w/ a 24" 720p60 monitor to this 4K120 set and his Series X. The difference is gonna blow his damn mind lmao


A 2019 release that launched w/ ray tracing on PC is getting a free PS5 and X/S update? What a novel concept! *Stares at Control* (Seriously tho, I need to finish Metro Redux one of these days so I can get to Exodus ๐Ÿ˜…)


With EA Play on Game Pass I finally tried out ME: Andromeda. I like it! It's a bit half baked and somewhat uninspired but I'm enjoying it so far. Feel reviews may have been a bit harsh and I'm bummed we likely won't get a direct sequel to this story


Yea I need help Microsoft but I don't think that number is the one I should be calling about my digital impulse buying...


This sucks. The dynamic res for 60FPS seems to be botched in the Anvil Engine as a whole, but this is another example (after DMC5) of a launch game running *very* poorly on Series X. The speculation that the new Xbox APIs are half baked seemed to be right


I'm not a Soulslike guy, but by all accounts Bluepoint has another masterpiece on their hands w/ the Demon's Souls remake (game looks damn gorgeous too). Here's my top 10 on what dormant Sony IP I'd want them on next. What's your pick?


The DF review of the Series S is out. Seems pretty fair. This is probably gonna be more of a "1080p machine" than a 1440p one tho. The longevity of this thing will prob be determined by MS's DLSS competitor DirectML and if they can keep pixel counts down


Nothing to see here folks, just me saving some 9 year old's Christmas *flies off into the sunset*


First PS5/Series X comparison is up. Optimization for DMC5SE looks pretty poor (framerates all over the place) and Capcom seems to be struggling with the new Xbox. Makes sense they dropped RT from the Series S version (even tho it's in Watch Dogs Legion)


Gonna try to balance everybody dragging Sony in the PS5 Q&A post and point out that, like the 360 (but not Xbox One), they have system level presets for the Correctโ„ข setting for Y-axis camera control, which is inverted. Bless up ๐Ÿ™


Within 2 weeks of the PS5 launch we learned it doesn't have quick resume, PSVR can't work w/ PS5 games, certain BC games have performance issues, the SSD expansion slot is disabled, 1440p and VRR aren't supported, and now this. Hopefully that's all??


The Miles performance mode is a locked 60 on PS5 -- like locked, locked. You lose RT, so I'll likely replay it on the visual mode whenever I get a PS5, but for those who prefer 60FPS this is great news. Overall tho the game just looks gorgeous.


Howdy everybody. Just checkin in. It's been a crazy week for obvious reasons so I hope everybody is taking care of themselves and putting aside some time for escapism with this beautiful art medium we all love (just pass the controller if you lose tho)


Somehow missed this last week, but yikes. I guess this is why we saw nothing VR related from the PS5 events and why RE Village apparently doesn't support VR? Jim Ryan also seemed to imply "PSVR2" may not drop next year (link below)


So I beat Assassin's Creed IV last week and started on Far Cry 3. First time with either game after buying them on super sale. In doing so I realized I have literally turned into the xkcd comic


So apparently there are a number of PS4 games which are only listed as "bootable" on PS5, and thus may have issues of some kind. This seems generally not great and probably something Sony should be telling people about! Sources + games list below:


These 8 games will be getting next gen upgrades. The One X versions total 620GB, which is more than all the usable storage in the PS5 or Series S. Idt people are fully prepared for how bad the storage situation on next gen is gonna be.


Man, if this tech is legit and it comes to XS and PS5 that would indeed be a game changer for this generation. It'd give a ton more overhead for raytracing if the GPUs don't need to be pushing as high of an internal pixel count


With Cyberpunk delayed again it's a good time to reshare this post by a CDPR dev, which was confirmed by Schreier & Sterling, about how "it's just a 48hr week/Polish law is different" excuse is bullshit. I feel for the perpetual crunch this team is facing


Wow. 20 years since the PS2 launched in America. Wild. What an incredible library it had. So Sony just announced they're making it backward compatible right? To celebrate the anniversary? ...right? ......


For any current/future Xbox owner, I highly recommend this 4 pack AA + charger from EBL. One charge gets you a few weeks w/ heavy use, you always have another set to swap to, and it's cheaper than the official play+charge kit from MS. Link below


My time with PS Now has me unconvinced that streaming has a significant future, but if things change I could see this as a very smart move. At minimum, it would be great for streaming locally to a 2nd room w/o needing to buy a 2nd console.


Thinking about what could have been ๐Ÿ˜”


With legacy back compat dead (probably?) I did a PS Now trial to play some old PS3 games I missed. Heavy compression aside, the input latency is noticeably awful. Idk if Stadia or xCloud is any better, but I'd never play a game this way unless I had to.


Went from being excited that I could finally play P.T. to realizing this SUWI/Squid thing is seriously borked and no amount of trouble shooting could get it working for me. What a bummer.


So Ratchet & Clank: Full Front Assault is surprisingly good. It's *really* hard in solo (it's def balanced for co-op) but the tower defense shtick works way better than I would have expected. I'd be down for another spin off like this, for sure


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