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There were a couple of significant low points (seriously, we needed way more Halo than we got here) I think this Xbox presser was... pretty solid all things considered? Like B Grade maybe? How were y'all feeling about it?


Really underrated development of the Industrial Revolution: the creation of Dtoid


For those who remember from the CDPR breach, I work in cybersecurity and very much enjoyed talking w/ folks here and giving my perspective on that breach. Curious to see what comes of this one at EA. Got some thoughts below, if you're interested


It's good when I see good things that make me feel good for myself and for other people simultaneously =)


REPORT MEDIA: • I'm in this photo and I don't like it


While acknowledging the (very fair) criticisms of Xbox's preservation of physical media, I really love that they're doing these restorations. Like, how many people even know this is a thing? What if any sales do they have to gain? Awesome fan service.


Kudos to everybody who recognized from jump Ragnarok was never dropping this year, Sony was just tryna build hype for PS5 -- and it worked! Credit to them for pulling this off twice


Well damn. That is not the direction I expected this to go in :')


Trying to figure out if I finally got banned or if I just can't access my profile cause of the redesign 😅


So the plot is that this is basically CIA fanfic about Cuba? Lmao yea I'm good, man. After Wildlands, I don't think the world needs any more of this nonsense from Ubisoft


Every open world game where you take over the whole map and there's no enemies left to fight anymore 😭


"Costume design is my passion" 😑


So the (now apparently Xbox/PC exclusive?) Starfield will be dropping late next year, according to Schreier. Tease/reveal supposedly coming this E3 tho. Y'all still excited for this or nah? I'm definitely curious, at minimum.


Was really proud of the gaming community for doing something good last week, but it looks like several of the sites that made aid donations posts have since backtracked and shut them down. Shit sucks, man


Saw this on Twitter and I'm very sad. I miss this era of gaming so much


They are few bastardizations of American culture sadder than what's been done to Rambo. Seeing First Blood after growing up and watching my grandfather who had PTSD from Vietnam? Absolutely broke me... then we got ~40yrs of whatever this shit is 😡


Shout out to the IT folks at my high school who somehow got away w/ installing Battlefield 1942 on every desktop in the computer lab, you were the real MVP(s)


"They had to make the game and develop the engine at the same time" *Weeps in Half Life 2*


Incredibly frustrating that Capcom couldn't balance visuals and performance here for a locked 60fps RT mode *or* allow a 30fps cap. Insomniac, to their credit, did an excellent job w/ both in Spidey. Hope the rest of the industry catches up soon.


Sony has been on folks' shit list of late and Apple's always got an evil empire vibe, but man. This email from an Epic exec to Sony is... kind of threatening? Lol jeez. I'm a little scared to see what this company becomes as it continues to grow 😬


2020 CDPR: "This is the absolute shittiest we could possibly be towards our employees. Enjoy our game!" 2021 CDPR: "Hold my beer."


Wow. This is easily the most impressive use of ray tracing I've ever seen. The attention to detail in the art design is likewise incredible, and it's all part of a *free* update. Masterful work by 4A. Will definitely be picking this up


Y'all I'm gonna fucking cry. This, even more than the movies, is where I fell in love with Star Wars (and also where I fell in love with RPGs). I'm so god damn excited for this


I am cackling in my living room rn lmfao please watch until the end, it's worth it (link below)


Why Bullying Works: My Column


You know a dev is good at humor when their game is still funny in alpha


In my own stupidity I just wasted a bunch of time and guaranteed I have to work late tonight (go me!) so before I dig myself out of this hole, here's a brief public service announcement. Happy Friday!!!


I got shit last year for knocking the half-baked PS5 OS, and 6 months later it seems it's now out of "beta". Glad they're finally adding all of this basic functionally that was missing, at least?


...well shit (I still have no interest in playing this tho lol)


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