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About crunchyfrog555one of us since 2:20 PM on 01.13.2012

I'm an oddball. I readily admit to that.

I'm officially retired (due to disability), but still work self-employed in 3 areas - as a legal advisor for a few disabled charities, as a freelance gaming journalist (for the past 15 years), and I also help run disabled campsites at England's finest music festivals.

Game-wise? Where to start ...

I've been gaming since 1975, when I had some help building my first computer: a Nascom-1. Never looked back. I've bought many games and consoles and computers since then, and have never sold a single game that I have bought. As a result of this, I currently have over 60 platforms and 35,000 games (if one is interested in viewing some of my collection, have a nose round the Steam forums - I put some photos up there a while back). Storage can be a bit of a nightmare, especially as I only live in a small house, and being disabled is a bit of a sod with lugging games about.

Naturally, I have other hobbies, as gaming's not my only passion. I'm an avid record and CD collector (I used to be a successful DJ many moons ago), and am a qualified recording engineer (from Salford University), so I have a fair amount of musical instruments and equipment to tinker with.