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Doctor: Okay jimmy give me a word that starts with F
Jimmy: Um....Frank West
Doctor: Okay give me a word that starts with C
Jimmy: Cloud.....Strife
Doctor: Interesting, interesting what about Z?
Jimmy: Zombies
Doctor: M?
Jimmy: Megaman
Doctor: P?
Jimmy: Pallet Town
Doctor: A?
Jimmy: Andrew Ryan
Doctor: Would you kindly give me word for the letter B?
Jimmy: Boomer, Both types.
Doctor: Its just as I thought, he's had "GAMER" pumped dirctly into his cerebral cortex over a long period of time. I'm precribing a speed run of Braid and one hour of Call of Duty World at War on a Zombie map.
Mother: Thank you doctor.
Doctor?: Oh i'm not a doctor. I'm head of Marketing for activision.


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