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The Aging Gamer to BabaGeek


Its been some time since I last wrote a blog. Been busy playing games and enjoying the family around the holidays. This entry will not be about very much, but its just a quick announcement/explination, with many more articles to follow.

When I first started using the prefix "The Aging Gamer" it was all I could think up at the time. I wanted something that I could use on articles that was about the fact that I am getting older. But as I was writing more of the articles seemed to be about my kids and family. So now it doesn't feel like it fits. That and the fact that some people think I am older than dirt when I use it. I think even someone, Justice, compared me with Methuselah.

Since I am not that old, Y0j1mb0 easily has me beat, and my goals have changed I am changing the Prefix to BabaGeek. Which will probably not mean much to most people, but does for me... let me explain. My wife is Nepali and we try and keep both cultures alive in our family. Baba is the word they use for father in her language. My kids call me Baba instead of Dada or Daddy or Papa or anything else. And I am a huge geek not just a gamer (although gaming is a large part of it). The geek part will be a better fit if I cover things like... dressing my son up as Yoda or King Arthur from Monty Python's the Holy Grail, etc, etc, etc.
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