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The Aging Gamer: Halloween Costumes - Mega Man Bits and Pieces


I decided to put up an article detailing the not so complicated parts of the costume, only to have a complete set of build instructions.

All that remained between me and a beautiful Mega Man costumes were the easy bits (or what I thought should be easy). These included the boots, gloves, and suit. My wife stepped up and said that she would do the suit (thank god!!!). So I got to concentrate on the boots and gloves.

* Boots *

Step 0: Aquire items
Since I already had the fabric needed, the only things that we needed for this were a flat stiff type of foam. Again picked this up at Goodwill for a couple of bucks. I think it was a yoga mate or something like that. It was even dark blue, not that it mattered much as I was going to cover it anyways, but at least it was not hot pink and would show through the fabric.

Step 1: Make a template, cut foam
Tools Used:
Tape Measure
Fine Point Marker
Brown Wrapping Paper?!?

This was the hardest part of the build for the boots. I had a basic idea of what I wanted, and what I would need to do that, but to get the right shapes proved to be a lot of trial and error. My idea was to build a cone for the leg part of the boot, and then a piece to cover the top of the shoe. Easier said then done.

I would cut what I think I needed out of brown paper (like they make paper grocery bags out of). Then tape it together and see if it worked. I would then recut a template based on my last one, trying to get things right. Anyways, after a few attempts at making templates out of brown paper. I ended up with these.

Step 2: Cut/Form foam
Tools Used:
Fine Point Marker
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Sticks

This was easy... just copy my template onto the foam then cut.

I had originally planned to have the boots be able to velcro together, but then they would not have looked as clean. Since these boots were just going to slide up his leg before putting on the shoes I could glue everything together first. I tested hot gluing this foam. It definitely melted, but not too bad, so I decided to use it.

Step 3: Skinning the foam
Tools Used:
Tape Measure
Sewing machine
Hot Glue Gun
Dark Blue Fabric
Glue Sticks

This is basically like the mega buster build. I used the templates to cut the fabric.

Sewed it together.

Attached to foam with hot glue.

Step 4: It Comes Together
Tools Used:
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
Elastic band

Again, originally I had planned on these two pieces remaining separate, but since it was just going to slide over the leg, I attached it all together (this decision really simplified things, a lot!).

In this step I added an elastic strap that would go underneath to shoe. This elastic served two purposes: to hold the boot down on the shoe, and to make it more oval instead of circular.

I then hot glued the heck out of everything. Here is the completed results.

Up next the gloves...

* Gloves *

Step 1: Cut/Form foam
Tools Used:
Fine Point Marker
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Sticks

This build was much easier. I decided to make both a left and right hand glove, in case my son got tired of carrying the Mega Buster. I started with measuring my sons forearm for length and circumference. Cut two blue pieces of foam then glued them together.

Step 2: Skinning the foam/hands
Tools Used:
Tape Measure
Sewing machine
Hot Glue Gun
Dark Blue Fabric
Glue Sticks

I had originally thought to just wrap a pair of gloves in the blue fabric... but the gloves were too big for my son, so I just decided to make them skin tight out of the dark blue fabric (another time saving idea). I started this by tracing my sons hands on two different pieces of fabric that were folded in half (thus only having to cut once). I then trimmed this out and sewed it together (no sewing pics of me this time).

The tubes for the forearms were easy

Originally I was going to attach the gloves to the bracers, but decided it was not necessary (I love these time saving ideas). Here is the completed results.

Up next the suit...

* Suit *

Yeah, so basically... I can't thank my wife enough on this part... she is awesome! I would have spent a TON of time doing these pieces, and they would not have looked half this nice! My wife had never really done anything like this before. She usually makes drapery for her interior design work. So this was a stretch for her, but I it came out Awesome! At the end of this project both of us greatly missed and appreciated her mother who is back in her home country right now. She could have done this suit in her sleep with both arms tied behind her back.

Anyways, there were three pieces needed, shirt, pants, and underwear that went on top. The finished pieces:

I know you are going to be pissed... but I am saving the big reveal for the next article (which will be out shortly). All three costumes will be finished and ready for the big night.

If you missed the other two articles:
The Mega Buster
Mega Man's Helmet
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