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BabaGeek: Mikey is Awesome

A little while ago, and now I can't remember where I read it (probably facebook), it sounded like Mikey needed some funds. This sparked a thought in my head... I really wanted a custom piece done by him for me and the kids.

My idea was to take us in our Halloween getups, and then add a little Mikey flare to it. I sent him a few images of us to work from like this:

We worked out an agreement for compensation based on what I was looking for, then he got to work. First he put together a few different rough sketches that showed us in different poses.

After I selected one with a few tweaks to it, he sent me a final pencil rendering before going to ink and color.

Finally the results...

I am going to print this out and put it on my desk at work. Truly Awesome!

Here is a little comparison shot. I think he did an wonderful job catching just what I was looking for.

So this article comes down to nothing more than a fan gushing all over Mikey trying to get others to give him some money for a creation so full of awesomeness... you may just explode. Mikey does a lot of things here free of charge because he is cool as shit, so if you like someone's talent and want to support them... do it!

Mikey, you rock!
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