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Wii Fit impressions


God that picture lends itself to so much.

Last night I decided to buy Wii Fit, and today me and my friend went to Walmart fairly early in the morning (6:40.) After my friend held herself back from bitching out a bunch of soccermoms claiming they were here before us, we were let in to the store and walked casually to the video game section having moms run past us. Turns out there was no point to run at all being that Walmart had an assload of the game.We both bought a copy and went back home and after sleeping an hour I finally opened it up.

I played pretty much everything you could do in the game (so far, need to unlock shit) for one hour. And I can say, it's no gimmick. After an hour straight of Wii Fit exercise, you can definitely feel it working. Is it going to do you better then like 10 miles on a bike? No. But for a warm up to a more detailed work out it will be very beneficial.

A few things I don't like: the fucking asshole trainer. Who the fuck is he to be a bitch and tell me that my legs are swaying when I'm standing on one while the other leg is stuck up my ass and my arms are reaching places I never thought possible. They're passive aggressive tone just pisses you off sometimes. It also calls you a couch potato if you do an exercise badly which is also pisses me off. Another annoyance is the push ups. Unless its the first thing you do, your palm is probably going to be sweaty and your hands aren't going to stay on the balance board at all.

and on a side note, I wouldn't put the balance board on a raised rug, it caused about a pound weight discrepancy for me after I put it back on the regular floor. Its minor, but it doesn't make you feel good when the game tells you that you gained weight the same day you started the game.

Is Wii Fit going to be big? Yeah it is. You know why? My fucking Mom went out after me and bought one, and she doesn't even have her own Wii yet. Thus, this is needed:

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