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The great Jim Sterling conspiracy!


WHAT THE FUCK Destructoid? Trying to hide the truth? The truth can not be hidden! not this time! My voice will be heard!

Basically... what else I was going to say is that "Jeff" gave Kane and Lynch a 6, and of course that's fucking wrong. Anthony Burch gave the very same game a 3, and Jim is twice as big as Burch, so by flawless logic, you multiply that 3 by a 2 and you get a 6! THE SAME SCORE, MOTHER OF GOD. Then there was this thing about how they're totally gay because they don't like the games I like, and if you type "Jim Sterling" into google image search with no filter, you see a dude flashing his dick, thus confirming the gayness. Um, there was this:

and this...

Then at the end I told everyone that these reviews are just fucking opinions, and if they ruin your day that much that you feel the need to argue with random internet people about it, instead of playing the game in question, then you need to get a grip. And I preemptively countered potential nay sayers to that, with the fact that I am at a job on campus that involves me doing nothing, thus I have nothing better to do at the moment then write this blog.

It was a pretty sweet blog, but the fucking Destructoid Nazi PIGS are keeping me down, man... whatever.
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