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No More Heroes Desperate Struggle ditching XSeed?


When No More Heroes Desperate Struggle was announced it was also announced that niche Japanese game publisher XSeed would be publishing the game. That seemed like the right move being that NMH publisher Ubisoft didn't seem to give two shits about No More Heroes since it didn't really make a whole lot back in return for them. So it's only natural that Marvelous' partners at XSeed would take up the sequel since NMH DS would fit their line up perfectly.

Well, XSeed hasn't said shit about it since it was announced, it isn't on their site and now Ubisoft seems to be rearing it's head again. The following is a picture from Ubisoft's E3 teaser site.

On the sticky we see the likes of Splinter Cell Conviction, Assassin's Creed 2, and RUSE... along with "NMH2." Now, No More Heroes 2 isn't the title for Desperate Struggle, but what the hell else would "NMH2" stand for?

This is quite interesting really, like I said it really seemed like Ubisoft didn't give a SHIT about the first game, and now it seems like they're going to take up publishing for the second title. Could this mean something caught Ubisoft's eye in the sequel? Could something big have been added to it? Like oh I don't know, Motion+ support? Suda 51 hasn't really said a damn thing about the game since recently in Famitsu (and we really don't know what was said) so anything could have happened from announcement to now.

Motion+ support is just a guess and a long shot,b ut I still just find it odd that Ubisoft would pick this one up and essentially take it from XSeed. And XSeed is getting some of their best titles taken away now, this is the second in what? a month? that they've lose. No more Muramusa and No more No More Heroes for XSeed.
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