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Diablo 3? Screw that. 4? Old news. GIVE ME 5!


So with all Blizzard splash page nonsense that has been going on, some new "evidence" as to what it could be was uncovered earlier today. This "evidence" was a forum at Battle.net specifically for Diablo 3 (found here) which most people think is behind the whole mystery.

Now why do I use sarcastically implied " " around the word "evidence?" Because unless Blizzard has been extra busy, by this "evidence" we're soon to be getting Diablo IV and Diablo V.

And the world moves on. No one knows for sure what to make of the splash page. We got Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo, Lost Vikings and all that mess in there. My guess? A Wii party game featuring cutesy characters from each with EXTRA WAGGLE!
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