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To sum up Nintendo's E3 conference

BOOM! Are you fucking kidding me? Zelda issues aside, Nintendo just dropped the FUCKING BOMB. Zelda Skyward Sword Golden Sun Metroid Epic Mickey Kirby's Epic Yarn Donkey Kong Retruns KID ICARUS UPRISING and then that 3DS 3rd party lin...


To sum up Ubisoft's press conference

Look man... Ubisoft had an awful press conference last year, and this year, I have to admit they started out strong. Child of Eden is the best Kinect game I've seen so far, just because its from Q? and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood looked fu...


My grade for Microsoft

I'm going to start off this blog by going quick, then going into detail about certain aspects of Microsoft's E3 press event. And it begins "Yeah, that's definitely Call of DutyÖ with a helicopter" "oooooh Metal Gear Rising, with motion ...


Little Big Planet 2 reveal trailer

Holy crap... I had a hard time wrapping my head around the creating mechanics in the first game. Jesus christ they just topped themselves multiple times. But lets get to the real point I want to make, that song. "Sleepyhead" by Passion ...


The great Jim Sterling conspiracy!

You almost got away with it you son of a bitch. You were this close, but thanks to my gang of meddling kids and their dog, I uncovered THE GREATEST COVER-UP IN VIDEO GAME HISTORY! JIM STERLING IS JEFF GERSTMANN! They're both the same per...


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