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At least that's what they just posted on Xbox live for Major's Minute I wish I could show you befor they noticed they fucked up... BUT HURRY AND GO SIGN ON, and you'll see it, listen at the end when larry says " Broken Steel is available ri...


Stolen Spaceship!

Police are looking for a little person, Age 900, about 2ft tall, skin color green. He is just wanted for questioning no charges have been made yet. If you have any information please contact my ass..... :P



With only weeks to go till the Juggernaut game that is Grand Theft Auto IV coming out, people are starting to rumor that Rockstar is going to delay it again... And with EA breathing on the necks of Take Two people are staring to get scared ...


Annoying 360 Haters

You know for years I have been sitting by and listening to countless people whine about how the 360 sucks so bad, and how I got red ringed... I remember a time back in 2000 when a little system called the PS2 came out and not to long after ...


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