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RPG's are awesome ... until you die.

I may have mentioned that I pay role playing games, specifically D and D and Call of Cthulhu. I hanen't actually played C of C for ages because ... well, no one wants to play it. Having just confirmed my next two D and D meets, which will probably be all night drinking fests again, I am left wondering how much longer my character, and indeed the party will survive in the next dungeon. You see, I play with some people who are, not to put too fine a point on it, repressed maniacs. We have done some foul things in our dungeon capers and classic players always do classic things.

Dave used to set alight to everything, including the hay in cell we were in as a way to attract the guards attention. Needless to say, it didn't work and we lost several scrolls, our boots, a few important spell components and some hair before we managed to control the blaze. Dave also had a habit of going into battle on 1 hit point. And he was the cleric with healing power. Nice. Mark likes to kill things. Anything really, though barmaids daughters and anyone who argues with him are usually his starting points. He usually plays demonist or evil characters which always causes trouble for us. He once slayed an entire village that was loyal to the Dark Army in a module because someone pissed him off. We had a big problem - the Dark Army was coming past the village on its way to battle. So, the only solution that presented itself was ... nailing the villagers to their doors as if they were waving and hiding the blood. And it worked.

Mark now has in his possession a sword. That is evil. And needs souls at least every two days. On the third day, it chooses a soul for itself. It has an intelligence only slightly less than the character weilding it. Which means only one thing. Either the demonist gets a bash over the head next time he is asleep, or the party is gonna get mashed to little pieces. And I have had my character for ages. It has some good kit. I am gonna bash the demonist.

Nuff said.
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I am no gamer. I like Space Invaders. I cannot get past first level. I do, however, have a big issue with the constant moaning about kids playing unusuitable games. Parents ... do your job and stop buying them if your child is too young. Smash the nanny state and make parents responsible for their actions. I also like ZOMBIES. And I play D and D. The proper game. On a table. With figures. And dice. And beer. Which is where the mayhem usually starts.