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Corruptioneer corrupts completely.

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I just posted a right good blog about blokes, their nuts and the remote control!!! Where is it? Where, I ask? It's the same thing all the time with bloody technology. You do something, save it, only to have it eaten by the bloody data crush...


About corruptioneerone of us since 4:33 PM on 04.02.2008

I am no gamer. I like Space Invaders. I cannot get past first level. I do, however, have a big issue with the constant moaning about kids playing unusuitable games. Parents ... do your job and stop buying them if your child is too young. Smash the nanny state and make parents responsible for their actions. I also like ZOMBIES. And I play D and D. The proper game. On a table. With figures. And dice. And beer. Which is where the mayhem usually starts.

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