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(NVGR): Maybe it's a good thing Chee didn't get that trip to Cancun?

Apparently they're beating and mugging the shit out of emos in Mexico right now...

Partial Copypasta from http://www.zmemusic.com/other/the-emo-witch-hunt-in-mexico-emo-kids-get-bashed-across-the-country/

Emo kids are easy to recognize due to their highly specific fashion style (black clothes, tight jeans, huge bangs, black eye makeup), as well as behavior. They’re characterized by a general state of depression and a sense of being not understood. Self mutilations and suicide attempts are common among the more hard followers. The whole emo movement has been detested for a pretty long time in Mexico, but up till now was mildly tolerated and ignored. The last drop to fill the glass though, was a recent videocast by popular local VJ, named Kristoff, who expressed a serious dose of anti-emo rhetoric and switched to English to say, on network television, “Fucking bullshit” referring to the emo movement.

Blogs, myspace pages, forums and various other internet websites, in Mexico, are all filled anti-emo message, proving there’s a somewhat nation-wide spread anger. Here’s just a few examples:

“I HATE EMOS!!! They are not even people, they are so stupid, they cry over meaningless things…My school is infested with them, I want to kill them all!”

“We’ve never seen all the urban tribes unite against one single tribe before…Emos, their way of thinking is for crap, if you are so depressed please do us all a favor and kill yourselves!”


Also, I give you goths/emos not having fun at Disneyland.

A video for you (I fail at embedding w/ BBCode) http://youtube.com/watch?v=Prb1rnNjQpI
And Cue the YTMNDs - http://queemo.ytmnd.com/
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