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Are We DLC Hypocrites?


[Note: This is not intended to call out Nick or Grim, or any of the commenters in Nick's blog]

Today I was jamming to some Rock Band, playing the same fucking songs that come with the original disc, not that they’re not fun songs, but, you can only 5 star them on expert so many times.  I was thinking about buying some of the extra packs, because I have not purchased any of them yet, as much as I want to, I am a poor college student that needs to eat. While I was pondering whether or not to add some MS points, I started remembering all the fuss that happened when Guitar Hero 2 came out. If you don’t remember, here’s a link. And, in the interest of proving a point, I am going to give an excerpt from the actual blog, followed by blurbs from the comments.

“I can't even fathom how much ecstacy was being snorted when the decision makers behind this pricing decided consumers would be okay with this great service. If you pay for this s**t, you are a f**king a**hole and you are part of the problem (no offense if you've already been raped this morning). You're sending the message to publishers that this is okay, that you'll bend over and take anything they have to offer.”

“DO NOT PAY FOR THIS! What the hell people?”


“seriously, if you buy these packs you are letting someone rape you, and possibly rape a family member.”

“D O




S H I T E”

“500 points is mental! No way M$! I didn't drop the soap, so stop trying to fuck me!”

“Fuck them, they are not getting a penny from me for this bullshit!”

“If you buy those Song Packs then the terrorists have already won....DON"T BUY THEM!!!!!”

“Please, if you've bought even one of these packs so far, give me your address. So I can come to your house with a baseball bat. And knock some fucking sense into you.”

Get the point? If you even considered dropping 500 MSPoints on the packs, you were a heretic. Now flash forward to today. Rock Band tracks are 440 MSPoints, cheaper by less than one dollar, and we cannot fucking wait for the next week to get here to see what new goodies Harmonix has to offer us. We even are back on good terms with Guitar Hero 3, as seen in the blog announcing the Classic Rock Track Pack.

“…the Classic Rock Track Pack can be yours for 500 Microsoft Points. The songs included in the pack are Boston's "Peace of Mind," Journey's "Any Way You Want It," and Foreigner's "Juke Box Hero." If there was ever a time to scream "DO WANT" at the top of your lungs, now would be it. Seriously, feel free to go crazy.”

So my question is, what happened? I know the first GH2 packs were songs that were already on GH1, and that accounts for some of it. But that can’t be the one deciding factor can it? Have we the gamers become more lax with our microtransactions? Has the quality of the microtransactions risen so we don’t mind the price as much? Or did we just pull whatever it was out of our asses?
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