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10 things you may or may not know about the artist formerly known as Coonskin05


10. I was never really a handheld gamer.

Which is weird, because between me and my 2 younger brothers, we had every Gameboy console and a Game Gear. But I think overall, before the DS/PSP era, the only handheld games I beat were Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow, Link's Awakening, and the Game Gear version of Shinobi.

9. I am a big drinker.

But I wasn't always. In fact, I had never had a drop of alcohol before I got to college, and even then, when I got here my freshman year I told myself I wasn't going to start drinking. I lasted a semester until I was introduced to an older man named Jack Daniels who showed me the wonderful world of drunkenness.

8. I spend more time a day on Destructoid than I do playing games.

It's sort of sad, but I enjoy how I spend my time, so it's not an issue really.

7. I don't like videogame swag.

'm a packrat, so if I get swag from someone it's just going to get thrown in my closet and never get thrown away, but never get enjoyed.

6. I have promised myself that I will never play an MMO.

I know it's hypocritical to make divides in "nerdom" but crossing over into MMOs and paying a monthly subscription fee is just something I refuse to subject myself to.

5. I have lived in Texas my whole life.

And I cannot wait to leave. Not that Texas is a bad place, but when you've lived within the same 50 mile diameter your entire life, you want to go experience new things.

4. I recently kicked an addiction to chewing tobacco.

I know that sounds fucking stereotypical, a Texan using dip, but I was pretty hooked on the stuff for the last two years, and the reason I finally quit was that my resistance was getting too high, I wasn't even getting a buzz off of it anymore. So in October of 2008, I threw away my last can and quit cold turkey, and having all that extra money is awesome.

3. I am really organized about my videogames.

Which is weird, because I'm the messiest, most disorganized person I know. Right now I have all kinds of shit laying around my room, which has needed a cleaning for about a month, but I'll be damned if my videogames aren't organized by console and alphabetized.

2. I don't pirate videogames anymore

When I got my new PC, I promised myself that I would only play what I could buy, because I know from experience that when you pay for something it's much more enjoyable and you take it less for granted than something you got off a torrent. However, I still have absolutely no problem downloading music.

1. I was going to do this before it got popular.

I swear to Bale, last night I decided I was going to do one, then I wake up and there's around 20 of them. Shit.
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