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Simple yet Most Challenging Puzzle


We are an independent team of gaming professionals called Coolygon, I am glad to tell you that we just released a game called “Cubie Block” in the app store. Its icon looks like a yellow block with a smiley innocent face.

Link to the iPhone/Android app store: http://tinyurl.com/cubieblock

This game frustrates some of the players initially but most of the players will be so addictive to the game that they cannot put down the phone for 2 hours straight. It is a fun mental workout with this casual block-sliding puzzler.

By dragging and rotating the colored blocks, your goal is to place them onto the tiles with matching colors with the least steps. It looks simple but it requires a lot of thinking and there are actually some strategies that will solve some of the puzzle in a much easier way.

More information is in http://www.coolygon.com/presskit. Also please feel free to contact me back using the [email protected]

Game Trailer:
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