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Dark Days in Richmond

I've been dealt a harsh blow ; both my local Game Crazy and my local Play and Trade have gone out of business. Some of you may not think that it's such a great loss, but here in Richmond, they were the last two dedicated competotors to the ...


New Years Wish List

Its near the end of the year and it seems like everyone has a Top Ten list of some sort. Top Ten of the year, Top Multiple of Ten of the decade. Well bugger that. Looking at the past gives you less time to do things about the future. Here's...


Christmas: Back up Plan D.

I had a plan. I hadn't seen my extended family in over 2 years, so I decided to horde most of my vacation all year and carpool with my parents up to Toledo. This was a good plan. I meant I had almost 3 full weeks off thanks to the Holidays....


About confusionbombone of us since 8:46 PM on 09.20.2009

I've been gaming since the Atari 2600. The first console I owned was an NES my parents got for the family on Christmas of '88. I bought a PS1 with the first paycheck of my first job (ok, it was two paychecks; I was only making $5.50). Final Fantasy taught me to love RPG's, but I'll play almost anything that doesn't have a year in the title. I'm rockin' all three of the current generation and have all my older systems loving packed in my spare bedroom closet.

Games I'm Playing:
Scott Pilgram Vs The World
Red Dead Redemption

Things I Like:
Rum, Brandy and Gin
Sweet Tea
Classic Cars (Leather and Chrome FTW)
Sci-Fi/Fantasy books