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Very Nice Destructoid

So as I log in at 2:30 in the morning, bearing my pajamas, what do I see??? You guys made a fucking sweet change to your site, FAPFAPFAP! very nice look, and I hope the site will look more and more like that style in the future On a side...


My Upcoming Project

So after years of sitting in the bright starlight of console gaming, I decided to go back to the seedy dark side of PC gaming, my last "gaming" PC was good enough to run Counterstrike, Quake 3, and diablo 2, maybe warcraft 3 at best. Sinc...


The Retroforce Afterparty

Hey I just Finished listening THE GREATEST PODCAST EVER and I just want to tell you how much I loved it, you guys rocked so much that I literary went blind! Keep up the great work and Here's to another 50!


Since the forums failed me :(

I asked this morning in the forums if there is any way for me to see who has added me as their friend because I hate one way love, (too many heartbreaks). and do you want to know how many replies I got at the end of the day 0 so Now I am be...


About commishone of us since 9:35 AM on 12.06.2007

So let's start with a little info about myself.
I live in Quebec Canada, but don't worry I'm 85% English, I love to game, bike play tennis and get drunk, I goto University in Human Relations so I try to find ways to make people more effective in their own everyday lives. I am a video game tester but man it's not always fun, (you would be surprised how many horse/petz games are released every year.) I live on my own and things have been going well, I have been trying to be a better blogger and with you guys help/motivation/fail beatings I think that things will go very smooth.

I am trying to come up with a series, I need to work more at it.

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