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Comic Con Reviews - Dead Effect Pc (Early Access)


Gameplay and review of Dead Effect which was originally released on IOS.and has recently been ported to pc via steam as an early access game. Currently it is missing cooperative multiplayer. Dead effect is a survival horror first person shooter video game that has focus on unlocking new and secret weapons using credits earned in game. The game has a variety of secret orbs and tablets that the player can collect in the original IOS version, these appear to be missing from the steam pc version. The market has been completely over-saturated with zombie shooters in this current generation of console with games like left 4 dead, call of duty black ops, killing floor, Arma II Day Z mod, zombie shooter, dead island and a host of others. This is certainly not the best video game zombie first person shooter, but it is certainly not the worst video game zombie first person shooter. Personally I would wait to see whatever horror game get's released in 2014 or 2015 than pick this video game up.
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