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Something About Sex: Can It Help You Cope?

For this musing, I'm going to slightly tweak the musing. Instead of using sex to mean intercourse, I'm going to use its other meaning; physical gender. Whilst it's not exactly what we're supposed to muse about, I feel it's an issue not many...


Something about sex: My Little Secret

(Hope I'm doing this right, first time!) Well, sex. Sex, sex, sex. Sexity Sex Sex. The forbidden act, the greatest sin of all, the subject of the world's oldest profession and the premise of one of the biggest markets in the world. In a med...


About coldalarmone of us since 7:10 PM on 02.09.2010

Who am I? I'll list what I've played recently:
Fallout 3 (Second favourite RPG at the moment)
Dragon Age: Origins (My favourite of all these here)
Mass Effect 1 + 2
BioShock 2
Sins of a Solar Empire
Saints Row 2
Grand Theft Auto IV
Titan Quest: Immortal Throne

So yeah, I'm pretty into RPGs. I quit WoW about a month/month and a half ago, and I've not looked back since. I'm 20 so that means I've been gaming around 16-18 years now, and I wouldn't give it up for anything. I remember playing Cannon Fodder, Zool, Worms... I even remember back when my dad bought his PlayStation. My tastes have been pretty varied over the years but for about 5-6 years I've mainly played RPGs mixed in with a few FPS games for variety.

I've owned a SNES (still have), N64 (still have), Gamecube, DS Lite, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Xbox 360... But I've always stuck with PC gaming. I'm considering getting a PS3 although I wouldn't be surprised if I never bought one.