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What's the most played Need for Speed Wii game, based on "Total Hours" reported?


Need for Speed Carbon has approximately 218,258 U.S. Wii owners that have reported almost 5 million "Tota Hours" of gameplay, through the Nintendo Channel with 2,310 days possibly reported.

The 4,912,413 Total Hours reported, makes Need for Speed Carbon the Wii's most played Need for Speed game according to total hours reported on the Nintendo Channel. The game's average reported play-time is 22 Hours 31 Minutes "Per person", as you can see in the image above, which averages out to be about 1 hour 42 minutes played per day/time reported.

How was the Wii's first Need for Speed game received by critics and customers? The game has a "professional" critic review score average of 65.39%, based on 23 reviews on GameRankings.com. It has a customer review score average of 76.96%, based on 79 reviews from Amazon.com.

Caffeinated Thoughts
I never played any of the Need for Speed Wii games, but I did play one of the older titles. I think it was maybe the original Need for Speed that released on the original PlayStation (yes, that many years ago!).

Again, Need for Speed Carbon is the Wii's most played game from the series according to the total hours reported, and while it was the first Need for Speed game on the system, it should be noted that just being the first game released in a Wii series, doesn't always make it the most played. There is another Need for Speed Wii game that is most played, at least according to hours played/averaged "Per person", that we may take a look at later this week!

If you have started reading the data reports by CoffeeWithGames just in the last year or so, you may have missed how my data images used to look before I had a capture device (pretty horrendous!). I did a data report on Need for Speed Carbon back in 2009, which you can read HERE.

Since that first data report over 3 years ago, the game has had over 70,000 more Wii owners with data reported for it through the Nintendo Channel, almost two million more "Total Hours" reported, and its average "Per person" has increased by just over an hour. I think this shows that the game was/is being played a good amount these last several years, including a good amount by late Wii adopters that bought it.

As I mentioned in the "Coffee Beans" section above, if you own a Wii U and have enjoyed Need for Speed games in the past, you may be interested in Need for Speed: Most Wanted U. The game did release for the system earlier this week, and the Wii U version has a MSRP of $59.99, which includes some DLC content and Wii U only features.

If you haven't seen any footage or the features in Need for Speed: Most Wanted U, the trailer below should give you an idea of what you can expect:

Again, while I haven't played any of the Wii's Need for Speed games, I am interested in Need for Speed: Most Wanted U. I was a big fan of the Burnout games, and the developer behind this Wii U Need for Speed title is the same developer behind the Burnout games.

Seeing Need for Speed Carbon on the Wii with so many "Total Hours" reported and the average "Per person", I can only imagine that Need for Speed: Most Wanted U will give Wii U owners many hours of fun, especially with the included DLC and extra Wii U features such as Off-TV play.

Have any of you played Need for Speed Carbon on the Wii (or, maybe other console), and if so, did you enjoy the game? If you are a big fan of the Need for Speed series in general, and have played several titles, do you have a favorite game from the series?

Also, with Need for Speed: Most Wanted U getting released last week for the Wii U, did any of you pick it up? If you did purchase it, has it delivered the racing experience you were expecting?
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