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Games Time Should Remember and Make a great Sequel to: Freelancer

Alright here we go my first community blog and I still haven't figured out how to change my fucking Avatar. In this Games Time Should Remember and Make a Great Sequel to we have a relatively well known game, freelancer. Well, its well known if you're in the whole space simulator niche market. This game catered to those of us who have watched way too much firefly or star wars or even star trek and want to go out and do some interstellar trading. The graphics weren't amazing, but hell, they didn't need to be. The entire game was just fun to play. Whether you were following the insanely bad storyline quests and missions or just plain fucking around and doing whatever the hell you wanted this game was fun. While the graphics weren't amazing they were pretty well done and the game had quite a bit of polish to it. The universe was good looking and interesting with lots of nice plasma clouds and asteroid fields filling it. Not only that but the music in this game is exceptionally well done. Everything from you're standard battle music to japanese and classical music was thrown in this game. The tracks were all really well done and fit into what was going on. Killing other people? The music represented that and picked up its tempo. Screwing around on a Japanese themed planet? The music represents that too with some really well done orchestral and instrumental stuff. The story for freelancer is pretty basic, you end up in possession of an Alien artifact and suddenly everyone wants you dead. You have to travel the universe looking for answers and trying to figure out just what is going on, and with the Rheinlanders (Think germans with cool cloaking ships) trying to actively hunt down and kill you and the liberty forces (Think overbearing Americans) thinking you're a terrorist there is a lot of danger. The story wasn't so good but it was well presented and the characters are well done. What really shines in this game is just the expansiveness of it all, its really a big universe and you can pretty much travel all over it. There are five main colonies and lots of side areas to explore and all of them are accessed via trade lanes or jump gates. With slight hesitation I would call it a GTA Space game but its not quite that in depth, however there are a lot of choices to be made and everything you do will affect your reputation with the in game factions. Piss of enough people in one colony and when you go there to ply your goods you're gonna get blown to pieces. Get enough reputation with one group and you will be able to buy specialized weapons and ships that you would otherwise not be able to. Where the game lacks in every other department it makes up in gameplay. The controls are solid and tight, use the mouse and the keyboard in tandem to access your many weapons and control your ship. Things like cruise drives and automated docking make the game a little bit easier to control when the player is faced with long distances. Sure the controls have a few glitches every here and there, every time I finish one waypoint and have to go to another there is always a little bit of trouble bringing my ship around because it is still chasing a phantom waypoint. This doesn't greatly affect a players experience however and this is still the most fun space game I have ever played. While this game is a sequel to another game, starlancer I believe, there was no sequel ever made and none has been announced. This is a shame because the controls and the intellectual property are perfectly set up to make a space based MMO that rivals EVE online. In the end though freelancer didn't sell terribly too many copies and so is now relegated to the list of good games that never got a sequel.
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