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Brawl: First Impressions from Japan.

Alright now don`t complain when I do not upload pictures or sound very coherent. I`m writing this from Japan and I`m not a hundred percent sure how to use this computer. Anyways as I am in Japan (As you can see from my intro) I have had th...


Videogames, the misunderstood.

This is an essay I wrote for something a little while ago, I just thought I would share it with you guys, WARNING IF YOU DO NOT LIKE BLOCKS OF WORDS WELL THEN ITS NOT MY FAULT ITS AN ESSAY... The Misunderstood Art Every new medium that i...


Why I hate Jack Thompson and his kind.

[EDIT] YouTube hates to embed my videos so heres the link for you, it should work. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XtWV-tIeVg Just watch this videos my friend, watch the video. See the snarky Jack Thompson? Give the man a bone. This dog ...


God Of War Betrayal Banner+ an apology!

Alright there we go, above is my twisted and warped God Of War Betrayal contest. It features a good friend of mines head atop of Kratos' massive body. Also it sucks but I'm not really one for photoshop and I must admit I'm doing this to win...


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