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Bioshock = Demo + Not much else

I've just completed Bioshock. I find myself feeling completely underwhelmed. I know Bioshock has been blogged to death here but I'm not keeping this to myself. I saw review after review proclaiming it the finest game ever. Right now Metacr...


Book-smart does not equal Tetris-smart

I recently joined the Cult of Facebook. As a self-confessed enemy of all things social networking, I'm not proud to admit that. But to it's credit, it's awfully slick, clean and I've managed to get in touch with people I haven't seen for ye...


Does getting a video game tattoo make you a twat?

Tattoo's are great. Video games are great too. With that in mind, you'd expect a video game tattoo to be 2,000,000%, blow-job-from-a-girl-with-a-pierced-tongue, super fucking awesome. But are they really? This guy has a 3/4 Mario sleeve, ...


Shooting guys in the balls - it's not just me then?

I was pleasantly surprised by the Stranglehold demo. When I saw that John Woo was connected I was worried that it might end up being an 'Enter The Matrix'-esque abomination. Just because you can direct a film, doesn't mean you can direct a ...


Gaming Porn Title of the Week

Grand Theft Anal 10 - Obviously NSFW but safer than the Fleshbot article that brought it to my attention. Nothing amuses me more than a decent porn title. Let Them Eat Cock, Edward Penishands, Shaving Ryan's Privates, Catch Her In The Eye,...


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