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I have a question for ps4 and PC owners of sekiro, but spoliers inbound. Please check the comment.


Bench pressing bodacious babes, in bikinis, is the best body building craze! you dump those barbells and the fancy wheights, cuz we can guarantee that yer gonna look great! Did anyone els watch the bash brothers thing on netflix? Love it


Anyone else reminded of Bowser's world from Mario Odyssey when they were playing through Aegina Castle in Sekiro? I'm not alone am I?


Spoiler alert: I like Sekiro! It's hard to resist the temptation to look stuff up online, only because I don't want to spoil myself. More in comments


The planets have aligned. The prophecy has been fulfilled. I finally have Sekiro now. first thing I did was jump around, there's a jump button!!! I'm gonna have fun with this one, maybe more than Dark Souls


I'm home and I'm safe, but holy shit. I just survived an active shooter. More in the comments.


Goodbye, Sailor Moon Drops, we hardly knew ye, you were my favorite bejeweled knockoff... At least bejewelled still exists


Dtoid is making it hard to enjoy w/ all these articles' headlines mentioning near-spoilers of Sekiro. I'm playing Dks3, referring to the fextralife wiki, and there's a blurred fucking live stream on the sidebar of Sekrio . wtf.


ok so favorite aspect of SotN so far: the bat familiar's little heart that pops up when alucard turns into a bat. Lots of little details in the game make it such a sparkling gem among other classics. Now in gonna enjoy the animated series in new light!


Bought SotN on the PSN store last week. It's fun. Very obtuse. Alucard's spells are hard to pull off on purpose for me, but also...you just kinda...discover them? I was mashing buttons, cast a spell and I was like whoa! Wtf was that? More in the comments


Jeez, doesn't the military base nearby have anything better to do than test a freaky jet that screams in the night as it flies by?


I come home, wake up my computer, and find every game i have installed in steam has queued up for an update. Any one know what this is about? a google search "every game in my steam needs an update" came up empty


HiScore Girl was the feel good storyof the year


If I set my Smash Bros Ultimate to Japanese language, will the audio change with it? I remember Melee allowed this. I just want to hear the Japanese version of the opening, which just sounds better


Just got back from seeing Puddles Pity Party at the Fox Theatre, what a fun show. Along with Puddles' beautiful, melancholic voice, the show featured dance, jokes, and even Lucky Yates costarred!


I feel stupid, but im like super hyped for WoW Classic. Like planning my hunter talents, looking up mob info on Thottbot via the wayback machine....help


I saw Into the Spiderverse yesterday evening in a theatre. What a fun, sincere film. Miles and Peter b parker were endearing characters, the visuals were arresting, the action was suspenseful and engaging, the humor on point, and even the bad guy is human


Ok, so I watched the first few episodes if Houseki no kuni, and I was pleasantly surprised. Sure, it's kinda fetishy with how the crystal women can shatter, but its world building is fun and I am intrigued by the designs, conceit, and plot. Imaginative.


Replayed Mario Odyssey yesterday, and it seems I can play its asynchronous multiplayer without a subscription? Super cool, Nintendo


Yes Finally! https://www.instagram.com/p/BoHyfD7hfjj/?utm%20=ig%20


People always harped on about the Zeldatimeline so much that it forced Nintendos hand to make an offical, useless, and convoluted timeline. What about Mario? When’s he gonna get a timeline? More in comments


Devilman Crybaby two word review: holy shit. Holy shit, Devilman Crybaby, holy shit


You wanted to use the Xbox remote? Oh that's funny.


I'm glad I got DkS2:SofFS, as I'm getting to experience the DLC for the first time. I've made it to Shulva, the Sanctum City, and it's the best zone in the game so far. It was a blast to explore and navigate,and way better than most of the base game.


Why do guitarists like Buckethead, Joe Satriani, and Orianthi sound great to my ears, but as soon as I hear a Steve Vai song I want to kill myself?


Been into a Dark Souls kick lately, been doing a co-op run with a friend in 2, and since he went a bought 3 for pc, I started replaying my copy of 3 on the xbone. I realize I hate the Lorian fight a lot, the nameless king less, and I'm styck at both


I had no idea the US forced sterilization among poor women in Puerto Rico throughout the 20th century...


A few weeks ago I finished reading Berserk, kinda going into it blind, despite knowing some of the visuals from the series. It's all started with Dark Souls and Bloodborne, and how they were heavily influenced by the Manga. My review continues in comments


Incredibles 2 was a good movie. I really liked the characterization of the family. The villain was a bit predictable. The jokes were better, and I'm glad it didn't force me to cry like Coco did. The opening short was one of Pixar's best.


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Music is on par with games, though. Music is my life much moreso than video games could ever be. And I take that shit for granted, I'm so sorry, Music! I can definitely picture myself living a life without video games. I've had before, I know what it's like, you just end up outside a little more often which is cool. But a life without music? Kill me. Oh and i guess I draw and paint too, that's my header image. It's not like I went to school for it or anything (FIT graduate).

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