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About cockaroachone of us since 5:06 PM on 10.15.2009

I love games. It's a deep love, almost as long as my love for my mother. Almost as strong as my love for my wife. When I get to know a game, I want to get all up in there. Not necessarily the underlying code, that'd be the same as your colon cancer screening "getting all up in there." I mean the game itself, the mechanics, how the character moves and what actions I can perform, and how I can perform them. Or maybe its how to manipulate the underlying systems in a game, like skill point allotment, ev training, min-maxing, and other similar feedback systems. And sometimes thinking about the game is more fun than playing them. I was way into Dark Souls lore circa 2012-2013, wayyyy into it. I never wrote my own, but i loved reading the fextralife forums. Anyways i also make art and comics, which i may decide to post here, which may or may not be about video games at all.

and yeah, Dark Souls is my gaming wife.