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Resolutions: Crystal Shards

First off, I'd like to thank those who gave me such a warm welcome yesterday. I think I'm going to like you all. =)

Gaming resolutions, eh? I've got a couple. I suppose I can do a quick run-down.

Save up for a 360 - I know I'm incredibly late to this game, as a college student (specifically, a graduate student now), I've not exactly had the cash to buy all the systems I've wanted in the past few years. My boyfriend of two years lives several hours away and I never get to see him... He has a 360 and I don't. This would be perfect for us to bond over since we're both gamers. I like the 360 and I have quite a few friends who have one, so it'd be great for me to be able to do things with people I haven't seen in a while. I've been trying to win one since I can afford one, but I haven't had luck in that department, even that time I had about a 15% chance of winning. I guess I can't complain, as I've won quite a bit this season, including Trine, Nuclear Dawn, and Minecraft. So it's not like I'm entirely unlucky, I suppose.

Play every one of my Steam games - I have over sixty Steam games thanks to Humble Bundles and the like, and I'd like to play them all this year. Of course, I'm probably going to end up with more on that list as the year progresses... But hey, this resolution might help with my next one, which is...

Write six reviews for Gaming Bus - I've done three reviews for it in the past four or five months, so I think I could handle six reviews over twelve, even with my schedule as a graduate student and working on my thesis. The site doesn't have too many writers at this point (we're always looking for more, by the by!), so I feel an obligation to help flesh out our review section if nothing else. Of course, I'll still have news to write, so I'll have to keep that in mind.

I don't think these resolutions will be too difficult to do; in fact, I think the hardest one will be saving up for a 360, even though they're not that expensive. I just don't really make a lot of money. But! I hope that I can do it.

Well, that was fun.
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