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Gaming Resolutions Update

It's been a while, so I figured I'd update on my gaming resolutions:

Save up for a 360 - I ended up not having to do this. I lucked into one. So I have one. Yay! Feel free to add me if you'd like a friend to talk to every now and again. GBCrystal is my gamertag.

Play every one of my Steam games - Yeah this isn't going well at all... haha. I think I'm at like, 10/72 or something. I haven't even had time to play Team Fortress 2, which I think kind of annoys the community I'm in, but hopefully this summer I'll have more time.

Write six reviews for Gaming Bus - I've done two this year out of the six I've wanted to do. I reviewed Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth and PokÚdex 3D. I'd like to do a few more serious titles but graduate school has really been kicking my butt. Heck, I thought I'd have my Steam games to fall back on, but I haven't even had time to game in general.

I also started writing for DieHard GameFAN, and that's been going okay except with school slamming me I'm behind on some stuff.

So this past weekend I went to EvilleCon. Here are some pictures: yay I got to meet Eric Vale, who voices Trunks from both the anime and the video games for Dragon Ball Z (as well as America and Canada from Hetalia), which was super cool. I also met Micah Solusod, who voices Soul from Soul Eater. I also met some really awesome cosplayers by the name of SynchroHearts (they're a married couple)... They're just... super impressive. Just awesome. Everyone was really awesome. I got to interview all of them for DieHard GameFAN and Gaming Bus as well, so if anyone wants to read those interviews, I can post links once I've transcribed the interviews.

Also, sorry if this doesn't belong here, but I thought I'd post this here since this is a gaming site and it might interest a few people to know about this. Gaming Bus, the site I work for, is looking for writers. If you think you have a keen eye for this kind of a thing, it might be something worth trying out. Let me know if you have any questions, and again, sorry if this isn't the right place to post it. Just thought it might be interesting to some people!

So yeah, that's my life right now. I've been really busy but I enjoy what I'm doing. That's... all I've got, so I'll leave you guys alone now!
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