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Saints Row IV References

I found this interesting, so maybe someone else will too. Note: Some of these references are spoilers for both Saints Row IV and the media it is referencing.  I have put the name of the referenced media first, to help try to avoid unwant...


Machinarium Review

           Machinarium,from developer Amanita Design, is a trippy puzzle game with ingenious head scratchers that takes place in a steam-punked Dr. Seuss world; a lovely soundtrack and quirky story round out a great game.           There i...


Review: The Last of Us

          The Last of Us follows in the footsteps of every zombie cliché, while remaining fresh and entertaining throughout due to an amazing story and its beautiful development of the relationship between the two main characters.        T...


Another Bioshock Infinite Review

I know anyone who cares has probably already read all the Bioshock Infinite reviews that they are interested in reading, But screw it, I write reviews to become a better writer, not because anyone cares. Anyway, here's another review. ...


Tomb Raider Review

The reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise, aptly called Tomb Raider, is an excellent example of an action movie in video game form. Every appealing aspect of the action genre is present; Explosions, Bloody fights, Explosions, powerful weapon...


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