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I first began gaming when my grandmother bought me a N64 for xmas when I was 7 or so. After countless hours of DK64, Mario Cart and a slew of Pokemon games, I upgraded (though I enjoyed the N64 era much more) to a PS2. I was an annoying young pre teen at this point and played mostly Midnight Club racing games, Grand-theft Auto 3 and who knows what else. That was fine and dandy until my step dad broke my PS2 against the kitchen tile in a heated argument. I kinda receded from gaming until I bought a 360 when I was 13 and began playing Halo 2. I was a Halo fan boy until I realized what a shit game Halo 3 was and got into Beautiful Katamari, COD: Waw, Soul Caliber 4 and soon to buy Borderlands.

That's about it. Also, I'm 15 now and still a huge nerd. Iz pretty cool.