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Metal Gear Mondays, American Edition, UPDATE!

It seems like the Europeans had a good time playing, however since they like to play around noon in American time and most Americans have jobs or like to sleep in really late, and furthermore the game is region locked. So starting at 9 es...


The Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3

Both consoles completely match their respective companies profile. Microsoft is an exceptional software developer, hence the 360 has a smooth interface, excellent online functionality, even the little things like in game dashboard and strea...


who was too lazy or poor to preorder mgs4?

Alright, I got a second mgs4 beta key since Gamecrazy does a horrible job at making sure Gamestop doesn't get exclusives... especially important ones like the mgs4 special edition. So, I am sitting on an unused beta key... who wants it? I...


Not my Turning Point gaming rig

My old baby... if computers had miles shed be in the five hundred thousand + category. I originally built her to be free from needing upgrades for five years, the problem, beyond the fact that its been seven years since I built it, I didn...


How to join the DTOID chromehounds squad

this is a simple guide on how to join the dtoid chromehounds team first pick the republic of morskoj, if you don't you wont be able to find, or join the squad. after reading all the crap, like so and so donated money and such and such att...


Chrome Hounds!

alright, so there is a mech game out there called chromehounds, it has a persistant online war going on between 3 different countries, you pick your alliance, and you get to choose what parts you get for your mech depending on your choice. ...


another fine (fucked up) day at sony.

Heres a quote from an interview with kaz harai from the latest issue of the playstation official magazine OPM: Were you surprised by the initial reaction from the community to the demand for vibration effects in the controller? KH: More the...


electro lemon in 30 years...

electro lemon the famed community attention whore... we all love him, and if you don't then you probably can't take a joke or got tired of his 14 year old antics(or played cod4 beta with him, seriously he sucks) while searching through yo...


I need to become korean... NOW (huxley beta time)

after being starved for Huxley info finally a website for the game appears... along with a small snippet... its going into beta. I jump three feet into the air in excitement only to continue reading... Korean beta... closed... etc etc. ...


Enemy Territory Quake Wars Beta OPEN TO THE MASSES

alright people, the time is nigh!!!! no longer do you need a pay account so go to file planet make a free account and get some quake wars beta!!! I sent it in to tips but by the time they get it up the keys will be gone keys are limited, so...


sooo... you want in on that closed beta of WiC?

alright, so theres that hot new game coming out from sierra... World in Conflict the game is currently in closed beta, if you want a chance at what seems to be a decent game for free(for three weeks at least), then read on. first go to ga...


bioshock coming to the ps3?

http://ps3-evolution.dcemu.co.uk/bioshock-could-be-headed-to-ps3--64919.html so... 360 is bleeding exclusives now too? or is this some bullshit?


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I used to break-dance, and Parkour, however as of February 2008 I have been diagnosed with arthritis in my right hip(I am only 19), effectively killing most of my fun. So a nice day on the computer or console is basically my main form of entertainment now.

I am a sophomore at Saint Paul College

A few of my favorite games...
Chrono Trigger
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Gran Turismo
Shadow of The Colossus
Armored Core series
Ace Combat series
Smugglers Run
Enemy Territory
This list is too long already.