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I got my nickname when I was 16 while visiting my girlfriend Kelly at the time in El Salvador. She was an exchange student who had to move back home, I went to visit her for christmas and new years. I do not speak any spanish, so during my time there conversations with anybody other than her direct family was very limited.

So I ran around in the streets screaming "I am the Great White Chupa Cabra", when at a bar or diner, i would also say it. My girlfriend thought it was cute, and the peoples reaction was funny. I would say it will I laid 20 bucks down at the Bar and said drinks are on the Chupa Cabra....and when i gave a 5 dollar tip to a lady, she thought it was a joke. She started crying when she realized it was really her tip (I guess it was 3 days pay maybe even a weeks worth at the time.)

I've seen a man laying in the street being stripped of his clothes and belongings, no movement my guess he was dead. I rode with Rafa (Kellys brother) to some guys house and waited in the car. He went in and shot him...come to find out it was the guy who murdered his girlfriend in a car accident while he was driving drunk, before i got there. The man was not guilty of any charges and laughed about it. I didn't know what he was doing till after it had been done.