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Titan Fantasy XV-II


   It's strange how even though I've waited at least several years in anticipation of Final Fantasy XV, I spent most of today so far playing Titanfall 2. I was never big into shooters, just because I had been underexposed to them. Aside from a few rounds of Call of Duty or Halo at a friends house, or playing Goldeneye on the Wii with my brother, I never really got involved in a (first-person/multiplayer) shooter. I played through the campaign of Titanfall and found it to be pretty cool (perhaps a bit over-hyped by some), but then realized the multiplayer is a shit ton of fun. (Joined the Destructoid network, but there's only like 15 people)

   I've played about 9 hours of Final Fantasy XV so far,  and despite it being what I expected it to be, I haven't gotten fully involved in it yet. That will probably change in a few weeks when I go back home. Aside from having more free time due to it being break, I also will be back to running on shitty ass internet, making it almost impossible to do anything online. I'm interested in getting your opions, Destructoid community- how do you feel about Final Fantasy XV so far? What about the Titanfall multiplayer?

P.S- I played the Resident Evil 7 demo again, and I love how it reminded me of P.T., despite being trash at figuring out the puzles. I also realized the new Shantae game comes out soon. I haven't really played an entry in either series, but they both look like fun. I'm literally going back to work to get money for videogames. At least, enough to buy videogames for the next 2 or 3 months. I'll wait to geek out about Persona V and Zelda. Soon. 

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