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Might buy a gba and golden sun, which I haven't played because it was a bit before my time. You guys play that or the sequel on gba?


Can nintendo please just release twilight princess hd and wind waker hd on switch rn. I really want to play those games. In HD. PLEASE JUST DO IT NOW. its going to happen eventually just do it now


Beat the zelda dlc and rebeat the game, at 195 hours. Also my gf has never played videogames, but she enjoyed smash and I'm going to make her play TWEWY switch co op with me, which I bought while manic. I'm excited to play it again.


I'm going to do the zelda dlc even tho i already watched the cutscenes, I want the bike. Then I'll play some ffvii, then I'll force myself to read and write some. Hold me to it guys.


In co op pokemon let's go, I know player 2 is always the opposite gender, but can you change the hair color of the helper or is it always the same as the main character?


Just ordered the finak fantasy ultimania art book that covers 7-9. I'll prob pick up the botw art book too. I can't resist.


I finally fought cloud in smash, and lost, but the challenger rematch option in games and more never popped up. I even played the game more than ten minutes after that.


I ended up getting smash because Link, Zelda, and Cloud. I've never owned or played it really.


What's an acceptable tip for a 15 dollar pizza delivery at 2am.


Confession, I love being able to turn off encounters and be suoer powerful in old rpgs so I can just play for the story and exploration.


Thoughts on twilight princess? I really want to play it and maybe read the manga. It seems like the howls moving castle of zelda games. Also, I'm replying Link Between Worlds.


I took my girlfriend to a showing of castle in the sky. It was awesome bc I've wanted to see that in the cinema for so long (years) and it's a very important movie to me. She dislikes anime but actually liked it more than we thought she would.


Apparently the dragon quest composer denies war crimes and hates gay people, so now I don't feel as bad turning off the repetitive dragon quest xi score for other music.


Caved and got DQXI. i held out a few months and for that i am proud.


Doesn't need to be said for you fine people but it's been upsetting me. A girl not saying no isn't consent. Asking for consent without a clear option she can pass and you won't get angry isn't, nor is a yes and she seems she doesn't want to be there.


You guys all cover the toilet seat with paper when taking a shit right?


Turn on the Bright Lights by interpol has been my life for a while and I just keep becoming more attached to it. It stands alongside aeroplane over the sea as my favorite album of all time.


Why does everyone who calls into weird political radio stations sound like they haven't been outside in 15 years


I'm taking a late night impulse train to spend the night with my girl and watch cowboy bebop. I will do anything to spread the gospel of bebop.


I just woke up to a giant spider on the wall several feet from my face. The only thing that could kill it was all 1156 pages of "It"


Man i have shit to do but I am on the fucking EDGE of getting dragon quest im trying and praying but it keeps calling


This dude just told me he had a death in the family and needed a cigarette but my train was leaving and they were in my car so I was like nah and now I wish I got him one and talked a bit. I hate myself


Me: I want to try and focus on my social life, school, an- Dragon Quest 11: Escape everything. Look how pretty I am.


I haven't even had two of my classes yet and school just started and I already feel overwhelmed with all the stuff I have to do. I feel like I won't have any time ever.


I can fall asleep literally any time throughout the day, just not anywhere between 10 and Midnight when I actually need to


I just got harassed for walking my dog by someone. Story in comments.


I watched the first four parts of the twin peaks return, and just watched what I thought was the fifth, which was possibly the most surreal and crazy thing I have ever seen. Apparently it's the 8th episode and I watched it out of order.


Well, I caved and bought hollow knight on switch. Only played a couple hours but I've gotten almost all the map markers (lol@my memory) and just beat the first boss.


I'm in the universally agreed shit stretch of twin peaks so it's a long battle to get to the end so I can watch Fire walk with me and season 3. I'm trying to get it over with as quickly as possible


I wish Hollow Knight had an easy mode so I could buy it.


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