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About chemwizardone of us since 8:30 PM on 08.11.2011

I've been into games since about the time they became commercially viable (yes I am old).

I have played just about every system and own just as many. My collection is big and serious, but I collect to play and to create a legacy library that I am hoping that my children will someday enjoy as much as I have.

Life is busy (new position at work, wife, new baby, recently moved, etc.), so I game much less than I did in college and basically hang on to a few old standbys (WoW included, unfortunately, lol). I live more vicariously through reading about games (which I do several times a day), but every now and then I play through one in my backlog (this is why Conrad Zimmerman's Backlog appeals to me, since I also have a huge collection I have yet to play through). Speaking of which....maybe I should make one of my own!

And also kids, don't believe the shit that the media tries to spin about games. I was practically born with a controller in my hands and I ended up becoming a surgeon.