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Cosplay Win


Over the course of the last three weeks the Trilogy of Fail has caused shock and disgust throughout the Destructoid community as I posted pictures of cosplayers doing what they know and love very badly. As a long overdue apology for etching the image of Man-Faye into your subconscious forevermore, allow me to make amends by finishing the series with some Victory-Fries and a side order of Awesome-sauce.

Because this is Cosplay Win, and its here where we will see people who actually spent some time and effort on their attire and look all the more better because of it. Those who can hold their heads (somewhat) higher than the rest, for they have achieved a level of quality few will match. Let's meet some winners.

Thunder Lightning Strike...

Here's looking at you kid...

All you can quaff...

Chocobo tastes a lot like chicken don't you know...

Party like its 1986...

Sultry succubus sits silently secretly scheming seduction...

Canine connection...

We need guns, lots of guns...

No cloud nor squall shall hinder us...

Everybody leave the room, I have to poop...

Rump steak...

Short ribs...

Melting in the midday sun...

It slices, it dices...

Under the sea...

How fast can he get the creases out of a shirt...

Rare candy...

And with that, natural order is restored...kind of.

Credits (where possible)
Header Picture - &
Nightmare -
Castle Crashers -
Morrigan -
Cloud -
Strike Freedom -
Seong Mina -
Bioshock -
Iron Man -
Samus -
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