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Cosplay Fail | Episode Two


As the dust settles from last week's opening skirmish, the otaku decide to regroup. Colorful attire becomes even more gaudy while the fabric and materials degrade in quality faster than shares in BP degrade in value.

For these are the amateur cosplayers. The people who can take a random assortment of knick knacks and craft a wide array of costumes, causing much laughter and merriment. Cast your eyes downward for another dose of hilarity as we take a look at another group of cosplayers doing what they do worst.

This is a tale of fake fur, plastic bags and cardboard, eternally retold.

Oh no, are you another clone...

Mobius is in safe hands with this trio...

The Doctor can sleep easy if this is what's attacking him...

Just like a yearbook photo...

Fighting crime one cake at a time...

Kids will be scared for life upon seeing this guy...

At least the outfit matches...

He seems to have sprung a leak...

In light of the recent economic downturn, Stark Industries has made a series of cutbacks...

The goggles, they do nothing...

What were they thinking...

Once seen, it can never be unseen...

You call that a gun? THIS is a gun...

The real death star needs to be at least five times bigger than this...

Be sure to check my Destructoid C-Blog next week Friday for the final episode in the trilogy of fail. For now, let me leave you wonderful people with another question. How much money would you spend to create a cosplay costume? Would you invest a boatload of cash in order to get a very accurate costume or (as evidenced numerous times above) spend the bare minimum you could get away with and spend the rest on other more important things?

Like video games...or food.
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