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SF NARP RECAP. Lemme show you kids how a proper recap is done.

As many of you know, there was a DTOID NARP in SF hosted by Dyson, who is a fucking awesome host. Unfortunately, most of you could only attend like this:

Anthony, Tiff, DAN PALADIN!!!, Sombody's back, VG, and Hamza

This is, by far, the best house party I've ever been to. Around 4, most everyone left. Charlie, Dex, Dyson, and I were the last ones up and we hit up a few final rounds of Rockband, and then everyone who was left crashed. 5-6 people slept in Dyson's room. Tiff and Rev crashed in the hallway. Dyson's roommate (ben?) crashed in his own room of course. Charlie, under a table. Dex and a few others in the rockband room. I found the most comfortable spot for me ended up being the stairwell.

Next day, VG, Anthony, and Chad left for the airport and Husky took off. Being the AWESOME person that she is, Tiff offered for the 3 of us roadtrippers to crash in her place until the afternoon so that we would be rested up for the drive. We made it back to LA around 9:30 pm.

I gotta say, this was a great roadtrip, and I'm glad I made the random decision to go on it. I met Destructoiders for the first time. I made a lot of new friends. I blew some money on some cool swag. I partied at AAAAA-MMMAAAAZING! (that should be trademarked to chad) party. Although it was bummer that I didn't get to meet Colette, Topher, Aaron (he was at chevy's, so apparently this is my own god damn fault), or Niero, I hope I get to meet them at PAX.

So some thank you's:

Charlie and Dex, Thanks for convincing me to go, pitching it for gas, keeping me awake for the 5 and half hour drive up and down, and buying me a lunch. You guys are awesome, and I can't wait till we hang out again. Chad. You're amazing. Seriously. You're like the friendliest person EVER. Tiff. Cutest woman in the world desu desu desu. Thanks for letting us crash at your place. Anthony, you are really god damn funny, you're like one of the funniest persons I've ever met. Dyson. You have my respect for all eternity. Seriously. You could punch a baby and I'd still respect you. Hamza. Even if you're bad at metroid, you're still freakin' awesome. Really lookin' forward to hanging out with you again at PAX. VG, Azeraki, Topgear, Tactix, Husky, it was alot of fun hanging out with you guys, and I sure hope it ain't the last time. If you guys are ever down in LA feel free to crash at my place. Ron Workman. You're like a billion times cooler in person, probably cause the internet can't handle how cool you are so only a small fraction of that coolness comes through on the internet. Oh, and thanks for the swag!

so there you have it. that was my NARP trip. Sorry madninja, had I known, I would of driven an extra 2 hours to pick you up. Seriously. next time.
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