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Colette in Contra = Colettra?

i actually started on an entirely different painting before this, hated it, and threw it out. it had to many random elements. so i was reading through colette's profile and saw that she could never refuse a game of contra. that seemed pretty appropriate, and upon looking up some contra artwork, i came across a few images that had this really awesome, minimalist detail grungey style that incorporated the use of real textures as surfaces being painted on. i liked it alot so i took a stab at that realm of style.

so, the fruits of my labor: colette in contra, a destructoid original in the graphic novel style of yours truly.

1080 p version available on my side bar.

oh she's using the F gun and the S gun, if you look carefully. >.> not really sure what I'll be painting next. I think i'll work on a few pages of my comic before I do another fan illustration (valkyrie or hamza. haven't really decided. i really want to paint hamza riding a phallic shark, cause that would be some funny shit).

on a side note, I finished this painting after doing a 5 hour run of rockband with a friend at work (Endless setlist on expert). that is a fucking epic setlist. christ.
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