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Cblogs of Valentine's Day '08

that title implies that I'll still be doing this next year >.>

This is how I'm getting this done. simple copy pasta. Thank god for dual monitors

Also, today is a very special day. No fuck Valentine's my girlfriend is on the other coast. No, Today is Thursday. And Thursday = payday, a day that adds green to my bank account. So every Thursday I buy atleast one game. Today, I finally bought COD4 because of all the good things I've been hearing about it, and for FNF.

I only got a few moments to play today, but here are my current design notes:

-COD4 Hates Colorblind People. Fuck this game.

*update* I can actually see things better in the nightvision mode because it's monochromatic and everything value based. But then I loose peripheral vision. So COD4 still hates colorblind people. FUCK!

**update** oh? no nightvision on daylight levels obviously. FUCK!

***update*** sweet, a black and white level.


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